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About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to combat climate change and to do so in a sustainable and viable fashion. By ensuring our solution is economical, environmentally friendly, and equitable, we can ensure it will be successful.

We also decided on three guiding principles.

  • Acquire the Most Carbon for the Best Price - Now what could beat free? How about being paid to accept the carbon, being paid to process it, and being paid for the products made from waste. Sounds more economically viable right?

  • Mother Nature Knows Best - Earth has been using and extracting carbon for longer than mankind has existed. By seeking to optimizing natural processes, we can utilize that expertise.

  • Waste Not Want Not - Simple but vital, the less we waste, the more efficient our processes are.

Hurricane Map

Our Story

At the start of the pandemic we examined our lives, and decided that we wanted to make a difference, to accomplish something lasting. We chose what we believe to be the largest problem currently facing humanity, and decided that this was going to be the challenge we wanted to devote ourselves to overcoming.

Now almost 4 years later, we developed a plan, a solution, and a company all focused on that singular goal; combating climate change. Through a diverse combination of solutions; working with farmers, businesses, and industry to develop and promote sustainability,
we have set our sights on changing the status quo and redefining how carbon is valued in our modern existence.

Meet The Team

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