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With today's changing markets, it can be difficult for farmers and ranchers; but you already know that, which is why you're looking for answers. Allow us to help you change your perspective for a moment, with new sources of revenue and other options such as:

  • Agrovoltaics

  • Carbon Credits

  • Grant Programs

  • Sustainability Infrastructure


Have you driven past a solar farm? Looked at all that land that was formerly farmland and is now just acres of solar panels? Did you ever think that there might be a better way?

By incorporating sustainable practices and working with solar energy initiatives we can not only use the land for both purposes, solar energy and farming, but also do it in a way that benefits both parties.

Solar Panel
Hands in the Soil

Carbon Credits

Did you know that soil is the largest  opportunity to sequester carbon and there are companies that will pay you to do so? Through sustainable methods and increasing the carbon content of the soil; reducing reliance on fertilizers and increasing soil water retention you can improve your soil and benefit at the same time.

Grant Programs

There are millions of dollars of State and Federal Grants out there for Green Initiatives. Let us help you find what opportunities can work for you, and help you cut through the paperwork.

Accountant at Work
Sewage Treatment Plant

Sustainable Infrastructure

From anaerobic digesters to green walls for nuisance mitigation, allow us to help you in developing your farm in a sustainable fashion with sustainable infrastructure.

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